Natural Treatment For Healthy Hair


Hair is quietly tide to the concept of beauty. The most noticeable part of your face other than your features is your hair and that is why every woman wants healthy, thick and shiny hair also only with healthy and nourished hair your can move on to different hair styles that will ensure attractive look.

So the article is all about hair care tips and simple but tested home remedies for healthy hair

Before you pick your choice of treatment here are few things you must know.

The first step in hair care is your diet, diet should be so balanced and nutritious that provides you healthy scalp. The two most vital elements in your diet that ensures healthy hairs are protein and iron.

          Include food like spinach, fish, dates, chick pea, pumpkin seeds, beans, sprouts, beetroot, and cereals in your diet.

          Protein strengthens the roots of hair so include protein reach food like milk, soy, lentil, quinoa, yogurt, Eggs etc

Scalp protects the roots of hair so nourishment of scalp is as important as hair strands.

Lets come up with some natural treatments for healthy hairs that your can do easily at home


1)      Oil Massage: – Most effective and easy way to nourish hair and scalp is regular oil massage. Massaging hair with appropriate oil once a week resulting in strong and shiny hair. It also improve quality of sleep. A sound and peaceful sleep improves metabolism and blood circulation in the body, which results in gloving screen and shiny hair. You can pick choice of oil that suits your skin and hair here are name of some oils benefits in hair care 

a)      Castor oil

b)      Coconut oil

c)       Almond Oil


You can also apply few drops of vitamin E along with any of the oil. After massaging oil on scalp for 10-15 min, a towel damped in hot water can be wrapped on head along with your hair for another 10-15 min, after this a good hair wash with a mild shampoo is required for soft and shiny hair. The steam of hot towel clears and cleans the pores of scalp and oil get absorbed in scalp and you will get feeling of a hair spa. But you have to be careful while dunking and quizzing the towel in hot water  J this step is optional you can get good results with oil massage too.