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African Hair Braiding

Agou African Hair Braiding Salon is Beauty Salon in Charlotte known for providing global braid styles and real hair solutions. Our highly qualified braiders, healthy hair and scalp products and systems offers you answers to your questions and solutions to your hair growth desires. We help our new and current customers to look good on their budget while reaching their hair growth goals, using the Agou hair growth systems. Follow our program and experience the real benefit of braids, your own natural hair long, full, healthy and wearable african hair braiding styles.

Hair Braiding Salon Charlotte

What We Offer

Our Services

Box Braids

Box braids are three strand individuals braids, that are interwined into one another and breaded all the way down. You can wear them either straight or curly. we are no 1 for african braids near charlotte are.

Invisible Braids

Braided with extension and no longer than 1 or 2 inches from the scalp, the invisible braids are individuals braids that leave most of both the extension and the natural hair out. It can be done using anykind of curl and with both human and synthetic hair. we also provide african crochet braids in charlotte

Flat Twist

The style required two sectioned braids, to be interwoven to lay flat on the scalp with some styling gel added to them to hold them tight against each other.itIt can be designed into varying patterns with or without extensions. we also provide african hair braids for kids

Kinky Twist

Like the senegalese twist, this style is achieved by using a double twist technique, using a specific extension. This style is wore in a short lenght most of time, but can be braided longer as desired. are are no 1 in natural hair braids

Dread Locks

Dreadlocks are a twisting technique of the natural hair, using either the comb technique or the palm rolling method. Extensions are optional.

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