5 Top Hair Braiding Styles – Ignore Them At Your Risk

Everyone wants to look attractive and beautiful. Isn’t it? If you are of the kind who likes to try out different hair styles, then you must have tried out braiding. The style is trending around the globe. Braids are an awesome approach to make grimy hair look pretty and stunningly stylish. This unique style gives a wider option to experiment with coloring, cutting, and styling without any hair losses.

Most of the African style icons religiously follow braiding. Not just the style icons, but almost all African beauties get it to elevate their personality. No wonder, so many full service unisex beauty salons have come up recently in Charlotte NC.

Uniqueness of Braided Hair Styling

The braided hair style requires minimal maintenance and offers many styling patterns that suit on any type of hair. Moreover, it’s very easy to switch from one braided style to other in couple of hours. In short, hair braiding is the technique that mixes glamor with simplicity, making something flawless yet humble. The only thing to look for is to make sure that braiding is not too tight, as it can damage the hair and scalp that could cause severe hair loss.

Numerous fascinating braiding strategies are found to make each head stand out. The top five are as below:

Box braids:

The braiding process start up with parting off the hair strands into smaller, medium or larger size shaped boxes. They are designed to look as separate plaits that are normally divided in various parts or boxes.

Micro braids:

Just as the box braids this type of braiding process also get started with sectioning of hair strands. The reason that they called as micro braids is due to the micro sized sections of hair. They look much better in curly hair, but can also be applied on any type of hair with individual preferences.

Goddess braids:

They are one of the most popular braid types. Basically, they are designed to appear as a large inverted braid that lay level to the scalp. These plaits can be molded in many different mixed style of pattern.

Ghana braids:

They are long lasting and appear more attractive on the African beauties. Sometimes they are also referred as banana cornrow or Ghana cornrow.

Crochet braid:

Ladies used to get crochet braids in the event that they would not like to sit too long and get individual plaits in their hair. It’s quick and convenient.

Depending on the texture and the shine of the hair, there are so many kinds of braiding that can be used in accordance to individual preference. Once you pick a particular braiding style and have your hair twisted, you can shape your plaits into exquisite hairdos consistently or for some special occasions.

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